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Can I use the facilities?


Yes you can use Rossis as soon as the doors are open.  There is a booking system for using the exercise classes.  Please refer to our website or call us on 01692 404966 and we can talk you through the procedure.


Do I need to book to attend Rossis? 


Yes, you will need to book all classes in advance either using Fitsense, online or calling reception. 


 Classes can be found on our website or speak to our front of house team.


Can I turn up and use Rossis without booking into a class?


We strongly recommend booking in advance to guarantee access.

What about Squash? 

All Three of our squash courts up and running. Please book in advance.  On arrival please wash your hands before and after you play.  Please bring your own racket and clean up and wipe down touchpoints when you leave.  Please note there should be no more than two players on the court at one time. 


I am a non-member, can I still book to attend Rossis?


At this time entrance to Rossis is only offered to our Rossis members, unless you are coming in with a current member. This should still be booked in advance, you can call our reception team to do this on 01692 404966


I have cancelled my direct debit but I want to reinstate my membership.  What can I do?


One of our front of house team will be in touch with you to discuss resuming your membership.


Can I  book 2 weeks in advance via fitsense or via our front of house team?


You can book classes on the fitsense app or via our front of house team. 

May I have a reprogramme and PT 


We will offer a reprogramme if you require it and PT sessions are available. PT costs £35 per hour session, we do offer a reduced rate if you book 10 sessions at once.


May I bring a bottle of water and can I fill my bottle up?


Please attend with a full bottle of water.  There is a water fountain in the gym that is for bottle only use where you can refill if you need to.

May I use the Bistro?


The Bistro is fully operating, offering a wide variety of coffees and snacks.

How much are the exercise Classes?

Our fantastic classes are all £10.50 each but they are included in both the Silver Plus & Platinum Plus.


Our front of house team is here to help you and we respectfully request that you talk to them in the first instance.  The use of social media can often be an excellent platform for shared opinions and experiences however if you have any observations which you would like to make about the environment or our new temporary procedures please feel free to talk to one of us.

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