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Our fantastic timetable of Group Exercise Classes are fun, friendly fitness sessions led by our expert instructors. They’re specifically designed to cater for all tastes and abilities. Whether you are looking for a high-intensity workout or something to improve your flexibility and balance, we have a top-notch class that is designed to suit your needs with experienced instructors to take you through the moves. Our strong team of fitness experts bring each class to life to help you reach your goals.  See the list of sample classes below.

Qualified Instructors

Our team of Fitness Instructors deliver dynamic classes covering different disciplines.



Standing and mat work based class with a focus on posture, flexibility and alignment. Self-paced with plenty of options, strengthens the core and combines functional fitness variations with traditional Pilates moves. 

Fitness Pilates/Yoga 

One half Pilates, the other half Meditation. A fusion of our much-loved Fitness Pilates classes with a relaxing and re-energising Meditation element. This class will not only strengthen the core and improve your posture but is the ultimate stress buster leaving you feeling chilled and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. 


COMING SOON. Total body cardio and conditioning, low impact workout in the pool. This fun class uses water bells, woggles and simple choreography suitable for everybody. Non-swimmers welcome. 

Fitness Yoga

Improve your flexibility, core strength and mental wellbeing in this functional mind body class with a back drop of relaxing music. Leave the class feeling calm, stretched and blissed out. 

Cardio Combat

Martial arts inspired punches and kicks mixed with aerobics and conditioning, to torch calories and de-stress! Easy to follow, plenty of options and a variety of training protocols keep this class fresh and engaging. 

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Cardio Pump

Strengthen and tone your whole body using light barbells, plates and dumbbells. An inclusive class with options for everyone. Gym based exercises in a group setting with an exciting back drop of music, you’ll be pumped for this one! 

Lift Lean

This is the perfect way to train when you’re short on time, get the ultimate total body workout with HIIT (High intensity interval training) in only 30 minutes. Lift Lean is packed with variety so you’ll never get bored!  

Legs, Bums and Tums

An exciting mixture of cardio and sculpting exercises aiming to re-shape those problem areas whilst working through routines in a lively, inspirational and motivational group. 


The original and most popular group cycling class, burning on average 500 calories per ride. Suitable for all fitness levels, no complicated movements to learn and music that begs your legs to pedal. 

Step & Sculpt

This freestyle step class is a mixed impact workout with plenty of options. High energy simple combinations on and around the step, combined with toning exercises using body weight and light dumbbells to provide a full body workout. 

Your new favourite class is just waiting for

you to discover it…

We use Clubwise at Rossis as a way of communicating with our members to give them the best experience. Make sure you download our Fitsense App from the Apple or Play Store – it acts as your personal fitness buddy – a great way to stay motivated! Use Clubwise to manage your class bookings.



Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness

A beautiful Ballet inspired workout that combines ballet moves with functional fitness and yoga. This elegant dance style class strengthens and tones the whole body with a big focus on glutes, core and legs. “Dance like everyone’s watching!”

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All of the above classes. PLUS;

Chair Based Aerobics, Chair Based Fitness Pillates, Aerobics and Conditioning, Body Conditioning. Over 150 classes available on demand and more content added every week!

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