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Our modern gym contains a wide range of up-to-date fitness equipment, including the very best ‘Life Fitness’ resistance machines. Fully air-conditioned, equipped with extensive free weights and supervised by qualified fitness instructors. On joining all members will have the option to follow the complimentary Rossis Journey.

Motivation is what gets you started – habit is what keeps you going.

Rossis Fitness Journey

Rossis is the perfect place to work out and reach your fitness goals. When you join Rossis you will follow our individually-tailored ‘Rossis Journey’ - Three bespoke 1-2-1 instructor-led sessions including an individual fitness programme, a complimentary fitness assessment and a one-to-one personal training session.























Gym Induction - An appointment with one of our highly experienced instructors to welcome you to the gym environment. A relaxed session with the aim to familiarise you with all of the gym equipment including cardio and resistance machines.


Fitness Programme - A more active session to design a bespoke fitness programme taking in time constraints, injuries and fitness level.  Our programmes are designed to work for you to achieve your personal needs, aims and goals.


 A follow up consultation to see how you are progressing with your programme and a review of technique and weight selection. If there is anything on your programme that is not working optimally for you at this point then we will make changes.


Over time, your body will adapt to your programme. When this happens, a new stimulus is required to keep your progress going. At this stage our fitness team will design a new individual programme to continue your fitness journey. This is usually at around 10-12 weeks after your initial programme was set.


Fitness Progammes

You’ll be accompanied around the exercise stations, advising you of weight selections, sets, repetitions and technique. Our fitness team will be on hand to make sure your programme is helping you achieve your goals and where necessary adjust any features of your programme to ensure your visits are as productive as possible. After approximately 12 sessions, you will be encouraged by our fitness team to update your programme to ensure maximum results.

Personal Training

Are you just starting out in the gym or trying to get back into the swing of things? It’s often difficult to get yourself going or keep yourself motivated which is why many of our members are already reaping the benefits of Personal Training. A one-to-one personal training session combined with nutritional guidance will help you achieve more from each session. Excellent for motivation and to drive you towards your goals more quickly, e.g. weight loss, muscle tone or enhanced sporting performance.

Our Fitness Team

We have a team of highly qualified, experienced personal trainers, fully trained in fitness but also having respective specialisms to assist you in achieving your goals. 

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