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World Squash Day

Did you know that it’s estimated around 20 million people in the world play Squash regularly in more than 180 countries?  Squash has always been a big part of life here at Rossis dating right back to the late 1970s and to celebrate World Squash Day on 12th October we plan to make a whole weekend of it with Rossis Squash Open Weekend Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October

For one weekend only all Court and Guest Fees are FREE.  Squash Instructor, Tom Smith, will be hosting coaching sessions so, if you haven’t played before, here’s an opportunity to try it.  It’s a great game, building hand-eye coordination, helping with muscular and cardio strength and endurance as well as burning those calories and aiding flexibility.

Want to get involved? Next time you’re passing Reception, please let us know you’re interested and we’ll pop your name onto the list for our Squash Weekend or you can drop us an email to


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