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Fitness Manager Liam is a multi-disciplined professional working across all our leisure activities. He loves to see Rossis Members hitting their goals and knowing that he's played a part in their achievement. He’s always been “sporty” and represented his school in several sports. Once his brother introduced him to the Gym, he’s never looked back and knew he wanted to pursue a caree in Fitness. Liam originally joined Rossis in 2006 as an Apprentice Fitness Instructor, leaving in 2012 to try out new challenges but Rossis was still close to his heart and he returned in September 2015.

Some of his earliest memories are being in a seat on the crossbar of dad’s bike before he could even ride and he still loves cycling – his favourite Class to teach would be Spinning!

What does he love most about his job? That he can make a real, visible, positive difference to somebody’s health whether it’s giving advice on the Gym floor, working with them on a Personal Fitness Programme or in a Class. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing one of our Members hitting their goals and knowing that you’ve played your part in that.


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