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The news you have all been waiting for!

We are pleased to inform you that following the latest round of government announcements, we are planning to reopen our doors on Monday 12th April 2021.

It feels like this has been a long time coming but we are super excited to welcome you all back to the Club and to restart your journey to 'Live Life Well' with us!

Initially, we are pleased to announce we can open the Gym, Swimming Pool and Poolside facilities with Squash and Classes to follow once given the go-ahead by the government. Rossis Digital remains available.

Will you be keeping the same COVID procedures in place when you reopen?

We are committed to keeping all of our members as safe as possible so we will continue to follow all Government guidelines to include:

- Hand sanitising stations throughout the building

- Sanitising equipment in the gym and on poolside (Along with Squash and Dance Studio when we are able to reopen these facilities)

- Regular staff cleaning of all facilities and touch points

- Asking all members to adhere to social distancing guidelines whilst in the building

- Face coverings to be worn within the building when not exercising (including staff)

Will I still need to book my sessions?

No, this is the biggest change we will be making when we reopen having listened to members feedback regarding booking. Up until now, we felt the booking system was necessary to track how many people were in the club at any one time but we now believe the time is right to lift these restrictions. We will continue to monitor numbers across all facilities to ensure member safety.

Will the Vaccination Centre continue to operate when Rossis reopens?

We will continue to support the local community to 'Live Life Well' and it is a great pleasure to have been able to make such a positive impact to the local community thus far. The vaccination centre is being housed independently and will continue to use a separate entrance and exit point so not affecting the operation of the leisure facilities.

What times are you open?

Initially we are opening:

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 20:00

Weekends: 09:00 - 18:00

What about the money I have paid in membership fees but have not been able to make use of the facilities due to lockdown?

As we are sure you are all aware, your memberships are covered by the 'Rossis Lockdown Guarantee'. We created this promise to ensure that no members are out of pocket due to lockdown restrictions being imposed. With this in mind, the membership fee you paid in January will cover the month of May as this will be the first FULL month we are able to open. With our Lockdown Guarantee, we will cover the seven days membership outstanding due to lockdown restrictions being imposed in December. You will only be required to pay for membership between 19th-30th April. The following amounts for each membership

will be collected on 1st May.

Bronze - £18.00

Silver - £18.79

Silver Plus - £21.99

Gold - £19.99

Platinum - £21.60

Platinum Plus - £24.00

Student - £16.00

We are excited to welcome you all back on 12th April!


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