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Say hi to Louisa - you’ll probably meet her when you arrive at Rossis Reception.  She loves to meet and greet all our Members and visitors too and point them in the right direction! 

She knows how important health and fitness is following an unfortunate accident when she badly broke her collarbone, needing a plate and pins and leading to a frozen shoulder with many months of physio.  At Rossis our Fitness Manager, Liam, created a programme especially for her to aid her recovery without putting too much pressure on those plates and pins.  

Before her accident, she used to love Body Pump and Pole Fitness but understandably found it necessary to scale back her regime.  She is mum to 3 grown-up girls and also a fully-trained EFT Therapist (that’s Emotionally-Focussed Therapy) and is currently renovating (whilst living in) a 300 year old house.  She loves horse-riding and occasional gin!  


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