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How did your career in fitness begin? After dropping out of education at 16 and working as a cleaner I started using the gym where I worked at Bacton gas site. For the first time in my life it felt like I had a purpose. I decided to pursue fitness as a career and got in contact with Rossis for advice. I was pointed in the direction of a level 3 personal training qualification, which I completed, and started work at Rossis in 2002 at the tender age of 19. I’m 36now! Although I left briefly to teach classes in the community and other clubs I soon realised it was Rossis where I belong.

How do you keep people motivated? Usually a mixture of entertainment, encouragement and a little shouting! (and singing too!)

What do you think is the most effective exercise and why? If I had to pick one exercise move it would have to be squats -they are functional and super important for strength. If it was one type of exercise I’d say anything you enjoy because it’s the only way you’ll keep doing it! Although it can take some patience to learn to love it!

It’s often hard to stay motivated in the cold winter months. What are your 3 tips to help us all to keep our health and fitness on top of our list as winter approaches?

1) Remind yourself you’ll be warmer once your exercising!

2) Set some goals to keep you accountable

3) Exercise with a friend - plan your workouts or which classes you can go to together

What are your proudest achievements, fitness or otherwise? Achieving Elite status as a Body Combat Instructor and becoming a Tribe Coach for Les Mills UK. It was my dream come true!

Share one of your personal tips for keeping fit and healthy? Listen to your body, rest is as important as the workout.

What do you love about your job? Teaching such a wide variety of group fitness classes

How would you describe your fitness style and how do you help your clients reach their goals?

I’m definitely an entertainer, but I like to look after people and help them gain confidence in themselves and get over injury and obstacles that get in the way of their goals. Once people have confidence they can see anything is possible.

What does a good day look like? Teaching about 3 classes, seeing lots of smiling faces, helping out my team mates and having a laugh, then going home for a glass of wine!

What is important to you? Family, friends, balance, the usual stuff. However integrity and loyalty are massively important to me too.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? I’d like to think I’ll be teaching classes here at Rossis far into the future. It's home for me! Also focusing more on extra training for Pilates and Yoga.


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