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Meet Rossis Elf

Say hi to our newest Team Member at Rossis!  It’s Rossi Elf whose job is to help make everybody happy this Christmastime.   Keep your eyes peeled as we never know where he’s going to pop up next and make us smile.

In between the bad Christmas jokes, we managed to find out a little bit more about Elf and here’s what he told us.   He says he may be a little over-qualified for the job as he holds a Degree in Toy Making as well as Level 2 in Animal Care, which comes in very handy when feeding Rudolph, and also he’s rather proud of his Level 3 Diploma in Carpentry to help keep Santa’s sleigh in fine form ready for the big night on 24th December.  In fact, he’d like to remind everybody to be very, very good or they could end up on Santa’s “Naughty List”.  He’ll be watching … and reporting back to Santa!

He told us his favourite things are

1) Christmas

2) Using magic

3) Playing hide-and-seek

4) Making toys

and, of course, when the children are good

But he’s not so keen on

Being told off by Santa.

Having to go all the way home to the North Pole

…. Oh, and politics – he says “it’s boring”

We asked him how he kept fit and he said he wasn’t really sure what fitness was but that he’s having a great time here at Rossis.  He loved running on the treadmill where his long, long legs were pretty handy and had a nice float in the pool too, but he’ll have to get back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve to catch up with making all those toys for Santa to deliver to children .. and then it might be time for a long snooze.


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