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Catching up on your ZZZzzzzs

Did you know that on average most of us spend one-third of our lives asleep! Sleep is essential for us all. It’s vital to help maintain physical and mental health. Many of us could probably benefit from improving the quality of our sleep. Experts tell us we need to relax and let go of our worries to get a good night’s sleep – sometimes easier said than done. Stimulants such as caffeine (in tea and coffee and some fizzy drinks) can make it difficult to get to sleep and eating a heavy or sugary-based meal late in the evening can make you feel uncomfortable. Relaxation techniques can help but if you’re struggling to sleep, it’s often better to get up and have a warm drink then return to bed when you feel sleepier.

Leading an active, healthy lifestyle can help improve the quality of your sleep and it is suggested that the effects of exercise may help not only to decrease anxiety but may also help with more restful sleep.


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