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Barry's Story

On 10 April 2017 my life was turned upside down after I sustained serious injuries after a head-on collision in my car. My right knee and leg had been crushed and as a result I would require multiple surgeries and a significant amount time on crutches to recover.

One of the unforeseen consequences of the accident, my subsequent immobility and my own poor decisions was the substantial weight gain which led me to balloon to my highest ever weight of 143kg in October 2017.

However, in November 2017 I made the important decision to join Rossis and attempt to correct the mistakes of my past.

In March 2018 I began to take weekly personal training sessions with the team and independently and consistently went to the gym three days each week. Thanks to the consistency of my training sessions as well as strict diet I started to see results quickly, and although going from almost no exercise to a significant amount was gruelling to begin with, this has gotten much easier over time and I now look forward to my sessions each week.

In May 2018, 14 months after the accident, I managed to put down my crutches for the last time and continued to visit the gym regularly.

In January 2019 after 10 months of training sessions and consistent visits to the gym, I reached my biggest milestone so far, weighing in at 93kg a total of 50kg down from my heaviest.

I have gotten further than I thought I would and have found my goals have continued to shift, from my original intentions to get rid of my crutches to my 50kg loss and my next goal, to hit 80kg.

I would like to thank my family, friends and most importantly the team at Rossis, particularly Liam Killington who has provided me with much needed encouragement and advice throughout my process.


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